Pray for my Uncle

I don’t know what have to say. what have to expressed. how to be true, or whatever about that. I have family lineage of diabetes. My uncle now are sick, caused by diabetes. he have minor injuries at the first time in his foot and it become more bad right now because it ignored by him. and now it becomes like as terrible thing for him.

“never ignore small thing, before it becoming so bad”

Injured which have causing by diabetes, have not too good smell which spread throughout the room. Such conditions make it uncomfortable for patients, and also family. This condition affects not only physical but also mental. I ever seen with my face how’s my Dad should fight with same thing. It lilbit different because my uncle have to fight more bad condition than my father.

I don’t know how it can be so bad in fast moment. This incident was barely a week, but it really gives big effect. also effected me which have lilbit traumatic when should have to hear “diabetes” word. Lot of my family died caused by it.

Hopefully it will be becoming better. I just can pray the best for you there. there’s no one wanting it. but everyone should have to face their own war with themself.

God, please take care him there. Amin


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