Healthiness, It’s Not Trivial Thing

For this two days, i’m focuses to finish my “design of process equipment calculation for my biodiesel plant”. It spent so much time and energy, till i makes this note it still unfinished. but, i will continued to finish it again after it.

Yesterday i’ve made some conversation with my best friend and also my sista. She’s in Jakarta right now. Getting college at “Trisakti University” in Petroleum Engineer spesification. She’s so smart, independent, and loyal person. Now she’s have to fight with “colon damage”. She’s have two decision right now. Surgery procedure or let it and consume medicine. Surgery can damaging his immune and just let it also can damaging her, can causing bigger damage. But, she’s chosen “just let it and consume medicine”.

Like as smart girl, it also change her life completely. Fill the days with tears and go away from public life. Affected her college, almost broke up with boyfriend. Feel there’s no one can understand her. People are always not ready for a sickness. not excepted her. But people who are not ready for it often forgets to maintain health, and when sickness come people which not ready for it doesn’t know what to do.

“Do not ignore to care your healthiness, it seems trivial. but when you start to feel sick, it is not trivial as you thought before”.

She felt hopeless and depressed until meet with someone who life with leukemia. An orphan who lives with his adoptive parents. I don’t know why, but when i’m choosen by God to life with spamocute. I’ve meet with so much great person. Who also keep struggle today, with their own exam grade. Exam grade from God in God eyes.

Everyone who should have to life with “special thing” might be feel so depressed at the beginning. But when you started can controlled it, controlled by yourself. It’s not becoming so hard anymore like you ever think before. If you can controlled yourself then you will starting to smiling everyday, happy everyday, feel so blessing and peacefully everyday, and what should i say. my life was so beautiful. it feels so terrible at beginning, but now it becoming blessing.

“Mulya” the one who struggle with leukemia right now was teach to my sista important think. How to controlled her self. She’s need more powerfull character with real example. I can’t teach it to her. I decided to let her learn his own bitter experience to make her more stronger than now.

And God send Mulya to her for living better. Everyone doesn’t know when anyone will passed away. But everyone should doing best for her or his life.

“We only live once, don’t just filled it with regret and disappointment. Everyone has made mistakes, so did mine. But don’t keep on looking at it wrong, let’s look at the exit of each regret and disappointment. Begins with forgiving ourself”.

“Let’s life better for now, for tomorrow, till we passed away”.

Keep on struggle My Sista, and also thankfull for Mulya. Thank’s to meet me with them God. Take care them there. Luv u all.


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