Anggun ft Schiller -Always You (Lyrics)

Menghabiskan malam sambil mendengarkan lagu Anggun ft Schiller – Always You.

Saya bagikan liriknya ke temen-temen semua yaaa. kali-kali ada temen-temen yang juga suka sama lagu ini.



Went from the east to west

With stories to erase

From my heart, my fingers my face

I’ve tried my very best

No matter wherever I am

There’s nothing I can do

Cause my love has only one name

And it’s you

I believe that some things are destined

They’re meant to happen

I believe that my heart had choosen

The one in a million

I’ve opened all doors and all access

For you to get into

Now this heart is cold and it homeless

Because of you

Memories forced me to remember

To safe love from anger

I can’t stop myself but to wonder

Wished i had been better

Counting the time that I’ve wasted

Over someone new

Cause one thing that I ever wanted

Is only you

It’s only a matter of time

I know soon I will find

That feeling so close to define

Someone I can call mine

But silence is pounding in my head

Hit me through and through

What everything fails to forget

Is always you

Semarang, kost laras, kamar 33, 14082012





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