My Clay Project “Play with clay, bag, and flashlight”

Again, wake up in the morning then going to campus. for 2nd week doing some teratment for my research sample. after that, makes some shapes from clay.

First of all let me introducing you with my research parner, she’s Rosi. The one who also contribute in clay project, our side job in campus besides research.

Here’s she is. with beatiful smile at this afternoon.

Today we’re played with clay, flashlight and also my bag. i’m try to catch light dispersion from flashlight. originated from fad, the result makes me wonder.

Are you ready for suprised?.

Here we go…

What do you thing when see that picture above?.

I thought you will thing about aero space. see that picture deeply, there’s black part which show blackbody of my my cellphone. and now see the top of the pictures, you will see my black bag pattern.

Then, let me show you another part of light dispersion. it seem likes underwater picture.

It also using my bag and flash light.

Enough for light dispertion. Let me show you another clay shape.

For this moment we’re made little cake. in pilotplan scale. hehehe

This is behind the scene of this pictures

Last but not least. I’ll show another clay project on my next post. hope you like it.

Semarang, Kost Laras 12


29 pemikiran pada “My Clay Project “Play with clay, bag, and flashlight”

  1. Dulu ane sering tuh maenin clay gitu. Fotonya yg cahaya itu mantep tuh ka citra.. Ane saran doang ya, tandain itu fotonya, tulisin apa gitu di sudut gambarnya. Takutnya ada yg donlot terus dipake tanpa mencantumkan sumber, bagus soalnya potonya ka

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