It’s Been 2 Years >>> Happy Anniversary with WordPress

Now, it’s been 2 years. little bit shock when i opened my obsolete home. long time never write again. i got notification that ‘it was my 2 years write story here’. there are many things happened in this two years, i write some of pieces of my life here. share with many friends who giving time to read and giving comment here.

I remember main reason why i finally decided to try consistent keeping this blog alive. I made it on June 2011, but starting to consistent in november 2011. when first time i got paper, contain my EMG test result from hospital. And from the information there i know that i have spasmofilia grade 3. It’s bring me to new life journey. Searching in internet about spasmofilia, ask to the doctor, and share it here. I share it to another who get spasmofilia and also stuck into confusion to find information what have to do.

From that reason, now evolve. now days this blog not just contain about spasmofilia but also contain my college material, my hobby, movie i’ve watched, my favorite song, quotes, book’s i’ve read, and also contemplation. many topic mixed here.

Always with one hope accompany everytime i sit to write here. Hopefully it useful.

Semarang, Rain with disturber sister.


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