Stale Milk

In silent morning…before doing some activity. Breakfast is a must for me. Today, I’m make toast.

I’m also make a drink. Mixture of honey and lime. But at the same time today, I also want to drink milk chocolate. I feel to much if make 2 glass. So, without think much i makes mixture of milk, lime, and honey.

After put some water on it…my choco milk powder creating something like suspended solid. I feel weird on it first, but because i need to hurry finish it. I’m keep drink it. Not far after breakfast, suddenly i feel sick, vomit, dizzy.

Have you ever see stale milk?. How stale milk liquid look like?. After vomit, i suddenly realize that i’ve created stale milk. Acid is main character of stale milk. Liquid fully of suspended solid also part of stale milk. And I just new put on lime on my choco milk. That’s why I feel sick after drink it.

Do I regret it?. Yes…But I also realize a new think experiences. How about milk product with fruit taste?. It just use favor of its fruit, not the fruit extract. Because main character of fruit extract is acid. There’s an exception if it use yoghurt.

Yoghurt coming from milk, through fermentation process using bacteria. Creating acid milk. If it get some additional fruit extract it wont broken it milk structure.

How about juice with additional ‘susu kental manis’. Why it not gives same effect?. Susu kental manis mainly contain plant fat and sugar. It’s not real milk. That’s why its not makes you vomit after drink it.

For last, don’t try this at home. Except if you want to suddenly get sick.

See ya at my next post.


11 pemikiran pada “Stale Milk

    • Indeed, experience is the best teacher. Hihihi. Hampir kapok juga nih mixing2 makanan. Tapi paling semingguan sih. Abisnya kalau kita punya makanan favorit dan penyajiannya hanya gitu2 aja, lama2 kan bosan. Jadi iseng2 gini, untung2an sih. Kalau untung dpt rasa baru yang oke, kali ga sakit perut deh. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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