Life Lesson


It’s been a long time not posted anything here. I will start to share about my job.

I’m working in consultant and construction range. It’s dominated by man. I’ve double position here. As engineer and marketing engineer. It’s not a proud thing when you have double job. It just means that you’re spend more long time for work. I have a long hour work, with so much pressure.

So, why i need to write this, or why do you need to read this?. Hehehe…just read this. Maybe you’ll find something. One thing that i really conscious when now i life by myself is… ‘there’s no an easy way to keep life in right way, everything need an effort’

Maybe i got an independent syndrome. It was phase on your life. When your parents not supporting you financially, let you to get your life decision, and feel how to survive in your life. First, it feel so hard, indeed. When i’m in college, i do some side job. But it feel so different when you really have to work for supporting your life. You’re become more responsibility with your own life, manage your healthy & money, and thinking far before act. I feel a big different.

But in another, to keep supporting my life i’ve to survive in ‘nature selection’ on my job. I need to give all of my effort and being adapted in new environment. ‘When you can adapted, you’ll survive’. Working in man domination not means that you’ll be like a princess. There’s no different. In office when you get job, you’re same. Finish it as it target, no matter how much time that you’ve spend in office. In site, if you have to climb just climb. Or, when you’ve to suddenly going into remote area by yourself, just go. Beside that, i realize one think ‘when people have chance to giving job to another, they’ll do it’. I don’t know it just my feeling or maybe it just happen in here. If there’s woman, man have preference to giving their job to woman by many reason. Is it because man in mostly of Indonesia cultural having more high position than woman? and sometimes it makes you have to take a deep breath.

I even tells my mom that, thank you for giving and supporting me to get college, to learn much, to get far from you. All of that lesson is so much precious. But, after so far… in my office man domination is hurt. Even you get education, it doesn’t mean you have mean.

With all of this circumstances, i realize that adaptation is not just about acceptance but it also about your self manage. Manage of your mind and ego. Acceptance have a direct correlation with self manage. And self manage have a direct correlation with faith to God. When you get low or high both in ego and mind, remain of God is a bounce to get consciousness.

At the end… even we’ve to try hard, full of roller coaster feeling. Remind your purpose, never stop. In life, the only real stop is die.


Bekasi, 21092015


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