Best Friend

When I’m in High School, I thought that best friend is the one who stay besides you both in happy and sad. And mostly people maybe also thought that.

Then time flies, I found that. I’m not close with all my best friend at that time again. Most of them still in Kendari, and I’m move into Semarang. In this last 8 years after graduation, maybe we just meet in 6 times. But everytime we meet, our heart blowing up in happy.

We’re not always making conversation by our social media account or by phone. But I always feel that we are in one red line. You can see what others can see in me. You save me in your memory like no others. And I do hope can do same as you.

The one who can get your heart is not who always makes conversation with you, stay besides you, create moment with you. Some people are special because they are. They can see something different inside you, makes you enjoy to be who you are, and makes you up when you down in their own way. At the end, its not about quantity but quality.

For Ati, Kiki, Yana, Siska, Imun, Hetty, Nining, Marlin, Nunung, Jety, Michan, Rara, Fika, Yaya, Lisa, Evi, Insan. Who ever being great friend in my high school memory. Thank you so much. May Allah save you All in good and happy life.

Your Partner in Crime ♡

image Kiki and Me at Juanda Train Station (15 October 2015)


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