Life Balance

Since my life run with my 2nd career. I’m (again) trapped in worker life. I tought working in multinational company will bring myself into a stable system. Which is not so takes my self much into it. 

It is a good experience that ‘you are push to bring out all of your effort to show how much you can contribute in this company’.

I’m not kind of worker who just sit behind the desk, but also seeing outside for new opportunity in bussiness. Laptop as best partner, accepting lot of business calling, presentation, etc. But in the middle of building self through career, in the all of sudden, I feel that I’m lost my life balance. 

In simple way, I’m remember that my last wishes in last 6 months is ‘I wish i could finish to read one book in one day. And it just happen last month. An old book “Fatimah Chen-chen-1990”. I feel so great can doing that. Enjoy the silent moment, enjoy to open the book page, re-run the story on my head is a piece of happiness.

How do you think about life balance?. 

I believe there’ll be no perfect life. Fully following our needed. Life is a choice or compromize with the choice. But, i do believe life balance is one of my life’s goals.

Working, Praying, Loving and sharing, Learning, Adventuring, etc. It’s kind of part of it. You decide how much portion you need at moments of your life. Same as when your self said, it’s overportion.

What kind of person of you?. Working for life or life for working?. If we don’t have money we cannot reach other points of lifes’s goals. But, i do realize money cannot fill empty space in my heart for missing other portion to fill my life.

When we’re still alive. There’ll be much debatable think in our head about ‘what i want exact?’. It’s takes time and also energy. But, i’m quite sure after find the answers. You’ll born as new person who know the answers of what and why in your life’s.

Write in a quite afternoon in the heart of city.   


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