Now, it one day left after my birth day. 11 10 1989. I’m 26 y’o right now. It is really big surprise from Allah. Remind that started from 2011 till end of 2013, I’m trapped in long sick journey.

I’m clearly remember how desperate me at that time. I had no life purpose, no hope, desperate. Even I can’t imagine that Allah give me chance to go this far.

I remember, near into my graduate time. I said, even i’m chemical engineer. It must be hard for me to find some job related to mu specialities. Because i have long sick record. Than i said to my Mom, maybe i’ll looking for some general graduated position. Or just a not too tired job. I have no confidence with my self.

In April, i’m graduated. Together with my sister both as Chemical Engineer. Self learning about process base design at home and still looking for suitable job. I’ve accepted in 2 company before, but in shift working time. Which i think hard for me to accomplish it.

Then, Suddenly when i accompany my sister for interview at October 2014. Management team of that company calling me to do express interview. And i’m accept to fill position as technical representative and marketing engineer.

Actually i’m thinking that i have no potential to fill that position. I mean i have to build relation with costumer, fullfil costumer request for quotation, meeting for introduce and price negotiation. It is all really new thing for me. I get speciality to reach oil and gas range and also industrial range.

It was so different, with a job journey that i’m request to God. An easy and not too tired job. I spend time till morning to prepared and submitted tender document, going into any location in indonesia so far needed in one day (going in morning, get back at night), crazy working hour and also big pressure.

But, i’m really surprising how God then change my life with this chance. Desperate change into hope, unconfident change into i’ll try, impossible change into possible.

So, this year was so special. It giving sign that God have give me a new life again. So, i should grab this chance. To life better, accepted life lesson, and thankful for everything that i had.

I ever feel that i had nothing, till i found that mean is just come by God.

Happy birthday to my self….
Thankful ya Allah…

Ya Allah biha… Ya Allah bi-husnil khatimah… Aamiin


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